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Dar Al-Zahra Mosque and Education Center

Dar Al-Zahra Mosque and Education Center in Wildwood, MO is an Islamic Center located in Wildwood, MO. The center serves as a place of worship for the Islamic community in St Louis Metro Area.

Dar Al-Zahra Mosque and Education Center is also home to the nonprofit organization named Light the Way Foundation, Inc., which was founded by Dr. Tarek Elsawy who is currently serving as its President of Board Chairperson of this foundation. This Islamic Center has proper education programs for youth and adults on weekends throughout the year including Summer Camps with the focus on reading Quran.

Dar Al-Zahra Mosque and Education Center has total of more than 9 acers land area including 7 acres building complex with spacious prayer halls, classrooms, library, museum, sports areas for kids and large prayer area for youths.

The center also has a school service on daily basis as well as other services such as food distribution during Ramadan month to the less fortunate ones who may not be able to afford it. The mosque is one of the largest mosques in Missouri and serves more than 1,000 Muslims living in St Louis Metro Area including Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Palestine and other countries.





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